Unschoolers Rule!

What a wonderful weekend Chloe and I had!  We listened to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince while I drove and Chloe knit.  She was working on her iPod cozy which came out really cute.  Here's a photo of her learning how to do I-cord.

We spent the first evening and next morning doing some shopping while waiting for friends to start showing up at the hotel.  The highlight of the morning was a trip to Rumpelstiltskin in Sacramento.  It's a full service yarn shop with spinning and weaving supplies too.  I was pleasantly surprised with the range of yarns.  There were also loads of pattern books.  I picked up Knitting on the Road, a Paton's vest book, some Regia sock yarn,and a hank of fingering weight pure alpaca.  Chloe got a cute and colorful button for her iPod cozy, some Sinsation yarn for her next scarf and some needles so she could start it right away.

The weekend was full of seeing lots of friends, eating out and attending sessions to hear about unschooling.  I saw a wonderful talk by Pam Sorooshian about Radical Unschooling.  I had to get the CD to take home of that one.  We also had fun in the exhibit hall and came home with a couple of games including Walk the Dogs by a new game company called Simply Fun.  We played this at home as well and it's tons of fun.  I even won the raffle three times, but only got one really useful prize (a song tape Ryan will like).  We were exhausted by the end, but filled with excitement about continuing this path of unschooling.

We also visited a dear friend of mine and saw her 10 month old daughter who is so adorable I can't stand it.  She'll look lovely in the little sweater I'm making for her first birthday.