Stitching to go


One thing I love about slow cloth is the opportunity to take it on the go.  I've narrowed down my supplies to just what fits into this small tin (except for the piece to be worked on).  The folded block and the tin fit just right in my purse, so I have been carrying this one around for several weeks and working on it for even just 5 minutes at a time.  It's way more compact than knitting (even socks) and keeps my fingers and mind very happy.


Inside you'll find a hank of embroidery floss.  The floss is such a brilliant idea that came straight from Jude.  At first it felt too thick, even with one strand, but now I just love it's colors, brilliance and flexibility.  I can choose 1 or 2 strands depending on the situation.  I keep it all cut to the length I like (about 18"- perhaps longer than recommended, but it works for me).  I just pick out lots of colors that seem useful- brights and neutrals both.  I find that there's always a color that will work even if it's not the one I would have picked if I had the full spectrum.  Sometimes my limited choice leads to choosing a color I wouldn't normally have that turns out to be perfect.


I absolutely adore the needles in the yellow tube (Jeana Kimball's Foxglove Cottage, embroidery/redwork size 8).  Jude likes the DMC embroidery needles so I have some of them too.  I have my little Gingher embroidery scissors which just fit in the tin and a little pin holder.  

It's a good thing too, we are on the go A LOT right now!  This weekend we'll be camping for Ryan's 16th birthday, then Chloe and I head to her next college visit.  This time, Reed College, in Portland.  Fun times, I can tell you and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend.  For a trip of several days I will certainly have my little stitching kit, but also a bigger container with fabric and my large scissors.  You can't stop at just one when it comes to Jude's ideas.  Stay tuned for more cloth weaving!