Live & Learn- Picnic Time!

Sunday was a half day of talks and funshops, then the Live & Learn Picnic which was full of fun.  Ryan hung out with his friends while Chloe and I went to the ATC funshop again.  We had a good time chatting with other ATC-er's including Regina, Anish and Sienna.  Chloe and Sienna hit it off and spent the picnic time playing.  Regina was so sweet- she gave Chloe one of her bumper sticker making kits!  We had such a good time we didn't want to leave, but we finally got out of there at about 12:45 so we could get ready for the picnic.

The picnic was held at a park nearby and was just a mish-mash of most of the folks from the conference, playing, laughing, singing, talking, making nitrogen icecream, shooting water rockets, oh and yes, there was eating involved!  Ryan played with his group the whole time and didn't want to leave even when it was dark and the other kids were leaving.  Chloe sold a few more items, ate several different flavors of icecream, shot a water rocket and played with Sienna.  It was a good day!  We were so lucky the weather cooperated beautifully and stayed warm and sunny right until sun down.  I hope you enjoy this photo essay.