New Stuff!

So much cool stuff going on!

Firstly, Jude Hill, of Spiritcloth fame, has just opened up her classes for free to all users.  She does have a donation button and I hope that model works well for her.  You can check out these classes at Feel Free.

Secondly, have you heard of Periscope?  It's an iPhone app, and is probably available for android too.  It's a live video feed app that looks pretty interesting.  The video feeds are called scopes and you can watch them in real time.   If you miss the live feeds, you have 24 hours to view the replays, then they disappear.  Many of the quilters I follow on Instagram are using Periscope now.  I've been watching the "honestcraftroomies" scopes.  You can find me @kristinmshields on Persicope, which is also my Twitter handle.  I have yet to do a scope, but maybe someday I will!

The Modern Quilt Guild just joined Periscope and did a scope today about the upcoming 10,000th member.  Who ever gets that coveted membership will get a ton of fantastic prizes.  If you've been thinking of joining, you should do it asap!  

Thirdly, I just found out about Textillia. It's a new website that's the "Ravelry" for sewists!  Just what we've been waiting for.  It looks pretty interesting.  I've registered, but haven't been approved yet.  Luckily, they will have the lessons learned from Ravelry to go on, but I'm sure it will still be a steep learning curve.  Kudos to the team for taking on the challenge!

Lastly, I've filled my Etsy shop with all sorts of stuff!  Lots of quilts, both old and new, journal covers, Christmas ornaments, pillows, hand dyed fabrics and original artworks on paper.  I do hope you'll check it out!