Confetti Quilt


I have finally gotten around to making the confetti quilt as directed in a tutorial by Lady Havertine here.  I've admired this simple way to get an interesting and random arrangement of squares and rectangles since I first saw her quilt on Whip Up.  I decided to give this a try with a black background as a donation quilt for our local Alzheimer's Association.  These quilts are given to Alzheimer's patients who repond to them by touch.  

Some of our guild members came up with this idea and it seems that textured fabrics are very evocative for Alzheimer's patients, bringing out long lost memories.  Since I don't have anything but quilting cottons I decided to go with the visual texture.  Hopefully this will work pretty well also.  It's also pretty small- only 24" square, but they requested ones that aren't too large. 


As for quilting, I just went around the squares, but since I added the red side borders to make it a bit larger, I thought I'd try some word quilting.  I alternated hearts with love.  Very simple and yet, when their loved one is gone, I hope the quilt will bring some measure of comfort to the family members who inherit this quilt.