The elves are at it again

We finally had a day to cut our tree in the forest.  For a $5 permit you can go into the Deschutes National Forest and cut a tree up to 12 feet tall.  We always get one that's about 12 feet because our ceilings are so high.  It was a fun afternoon followed by dinner out and then tree decorating.  We've got so many ornaments that we had to stop before we were finished and head to bed.  There was some snow at the higher elevations, but little down below, so no snowshoes needed this year.

After the lights were put on Ryan took advantage of the ladder in the living room to send his parachute man on an adventure. 

Then he set up an ornament shop for us all to peruse.

The most exciting thing this evening was not the tree decorating (though that's always fun), it was Ryan asking to learn to knit and actually having the patience to sit with me for 45 minutes and do it!

We've got another busy weekend ahead, but I've got several wonderful things to show you.  I'll be back!