Quilt Week- Post #8

Well, this is my final post from the show.  It sure has been fun showing you all these wonderful quilts. These first several quilts were located outside the Paulina Springs Bookstore, which is definitely worth a visit if you make it to Sisters sometime. 

This is the spot I was in charge of during my hostessing stint in the afternoon.  There wasn't much shade, except on the porch, but it was interesting to see how people react to the quilts.

This end of the Stitchin' Post is the first place to be decorated with quilts in the morning of the show.  The local firehouse sends out firefighters to help put them up.  These are all done by employees of the Stitchin' Post according to the theme of the year.   This year's theme was, "Inpsired by Nature".

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!  I'm off on a trip to New England to relax at the beach and the lake and see Mark's family.