Quilts in the Park

Thank you for all the comments about my health situation.  I really appreciate all the good thoughts, prayers and wishes headed my way.  All this positive energy has got to be good for something.  On my in between weeks I feel really good.  I feel like I've got back almost all my energy.  I think this bodes well for the next three treatments and I have been sewing again!  I spent the weekend working on a little project that made me very happy and I'll post it soon. 

Today I want to show you photos from my quilt guild's show on Saturday.  This is the first time I've ever attended and though I didn't have a quilt in the show I really enjoyed it anyway.  I was actually interviewed by the local paper and got my comments in the article yesterday.

One of the special exhibits is this blue and yellow challenge that I believe I mentioned I was going to participate in.  Well, I had just gotten my quilt basted for hand quilting when I got my diagnosis.  I just lost interest for a while and figured I wouldn't have time to work on it anyway, so it's still unquilted.  I did enjoy seeing what others came up with, but have to say mine would have given them a run for their money!  This little mini was my absolute favorite.  It's only about 1 foot square and I love the humor.

This one was also part of the challenge.  I love the colors and the patterning on the cats.  It looks like paper piecing to me which I will never do again, but I can still take inspiration from it.

Well, that's it for now.  I have a little technique and tool to show next time along with my newest project.  I've decided to do the things that make me happiest and this one fit the bill, thanks to Tonya (and yes, that's a hint!).