Friday Night: Picnic in the Park


The Picnic in the Park was hosted by Alex Anderson.  Ricky Tims was there too, but had just gotten up when I took this photo.  Alex spoke about her love of the quilt show, presented the Stitchin' Post employee challenge quilts, showed some of her own quilts and then she commentated a retrospective of outstanding Central Oregon quilters over the past 35 years.  The light was fading and many of my photos didn't come out.  I also am having a hard time remembering who did what, but I will note it when I can.  Enjoy!

076 092 094 095 

I know the next three are done by Alex, perhaps the ones above too?  



I believe the following are from the retrospective.  Some are quilters I know and have noted their names.  There are an abundance of local quilters making names for themselves by publishing quilt books.  In many cases they were supported and inspired by Jean and Valori Wells. 


Wendy Hill above, has published many books including Easy Bias Covered Curves, which this quilt is an example of.  Check out her link if you want to see some wonderful photos of her other work and a much better photo of the quilt above.


This wonderful tree quilt is two sided, but I couldn't get a photo of the other side.


Above is Sarah Kaufman, another local right in my own neighborhood, who has just published her first quilting book, Folded Log Cabin Quilts.  The link goes to Amazon, but I have the book in hand and it's got a blue cover so don't be surprised if you find something that looks quite different.  They just got the hot off the press copies at the Stitchin' Post so I don't know when general release will be.


Joanne Myers, above, is one of our local quilt gurus.  She was the quilt show's featured "Inspirational Quilter" and has done lots of beautiful work with applique and hand quilting.  She's knowledgeable in just about any kind of quilting though, including the beautiful pineapple quilt you see here.


Tonye Phillips needs no introduction here.  I'm a huge fan of her and her quilts.  This is one of her early ones combining piecing and applique.