Over the river and through the woods to Portland we will go

Over the pass to get Chloe

Friday was our first big storm of the winter and of course, the day I was heading over the pass to get Chloe for her Thanksgiving break.  The drive over the pass was super slow, but beautiful.  We spent the weekend in Portland before heading home.  It was so nice to spend some one on one time with this grown up girl.

Chloe in Portland

Portland was in fine form, with some real sun and cold temperatures.  We did tons of shopping, walking and eating.

Fun in the city

Portland is well known for it's food carts which pop in places all over the city.  We found one that was new to us and had some real gourmet waffles.

Waffle cart

Waffle cart (3)

We saw this totally cool Kodachrome window in the Anthropologie store.  

Wall of Kodachrome at Anthropologie

Saturday night we went to an amazing production of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol.  The writing, acting and set were so well done.  I would love to see more plays at the Artists Repertory Theater.  Now we have a whole week off to bake, make stuff and hang out.  Bliss!