Quilts, at long last!

Boho Baskets

I just realized that there have been virtually no photos of quilts on this quilting blog in months!  Wow, how did that happen?  Travel and the other concerns of daily life have made things topsy turvy.  To rectify the situation, I thought I'd show a couple of finishes from late last year.  These are both shop samples for classes I'll be teaching in March.  The first is Boho Baskets, which was made as a sample for the Liberated Baskets class I'm teaching on March 1 at QuiltWorks in Bend.  This is a fun class!  Baskets are a wonderful way to use large scale and novelty prints and you can highlight each one.  The handles are where the action is and I'll teach a quick and easy way to  make them.  The triangles (made three ways) are a bonus for those who have time in class.

High Country Winter- Modern Improv Sample

High Country Winter was made as the sample for the Modern Improv class I'm teaching on March 21 at QuiltWorks.  This is also a fun and sometimes mindblowing class as students learn to trust their instincts, use fabric in unexpected ways and compose spontaneously.  If you'd like to join me in either (or both) of these classes, please see the QuiltWorks website for all the details.