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Iris Dreams is part of a series I did last month.  It all started with a challenge posed by the members of the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild, of which I'm a member.  The purple print fabric was chosen from a basket of fat quarters that we all picked out.  I didn't know if I'd join the challenge, but at the last minute saw in my mind exactly what I wanted to do.  This isn't it!  Sorry to tease, but I realized I don't have photos of the challenge quilt yet.  After making that one, a housetop variation, I had fabric left over and a strong desire to continue with those colors and fabrics.  I did several smaller (mini) quilts, two of which will go to AAQI eventually, this one, plus one more small one for another challenge.  I'll have to post about that later. 

This piece is in my Etsy shop right now!  Speaking of the shop, it's pretty bare at the moment, one reason to put in this piece.  I am getting ready for the Sisters Fiber Art Stroll on July 8.  I will be demonstrating hand stitching techniques and will be selling many of the items from my shop- ornaments, small art pieces and brooches.  I will also be selling small packs of my hand dyed fabrics (various fibers and textures), and greeting cards I had made from photos of my slow cloth pieces (by Moo.com).  I've got a few new slow cloth art pieces as well as the ones in the shop which will disappear from the shop for the day.  All items left over after the Fiber Arts Stroll will be back in the shop as soon as I can get them up again.  

I've got quite a bit of work to do to get ready for that and I'm working on my Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild challenge quilt and my Undercover Quilters Book Club quilt!  The Sisters Quilt Show is fast approaching.  I've already delivered 5 quilts- 3 for the show, one sponsor quilt and a quilt for the special exhibit at the Sisters Library.  I have one more to deliver.  It's my block contest quilt from the blocks I won last year.  It's at the quilter's and I'm really hoping she calls soon because I've got to bind it and get it into them by July 7.  Oh my, life is full.  It's all good.  Ta-ta for now!