Hola and Happy New Year!

Studio January 2014 (1)I'm baaaaack!  You know it's bad when your husband mentions the lack of blog posts for over a month!  Okay, getting back in the swing of things always takes longer than I think it will.  We got back on New Year's Eve, unpacked, did laundry, and repacked to take Chloe to college again.  Got back and it still took a week to feel like I had the house under control.  Then I didn't feel well for a while.  

Well, just now, I was sewing and realized this is the exact light that makes sewing a real joy.  That midwinter sun is low enough to come right in my studio window.  Perfect!  

Studio January 2014 (2)On the machine now is a project for the Riley Blake Challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild.  I decided to do an improv/liberated log cabin variation called Housetop.  This is also doing double duty for my Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild challenge (Log Cabin Variations).  I just started this last night, my first sewing in over a month.  Feels good to be back.

Studio January 2014 (3)

Our trip was absolutely fantastic!  I will have more to say about that soon.  I also have thousands of photos from our trip to go through and will be compiling a slideshow at some point.  I'll post here when I do, just in case you're interested.  I did get an awful lot of great animal shots.  

The new year is shaping up to be busy.  I've got lots of projects with deadlines already, works in progress that I'd like to finish, contests, challenges, etc, etc, etc!  What's on your plate for the new year?  New ideas and projects?  My word for the year is REST.  I want to get plenty of it.  Last year was pretty busy and exhausting.  It was a big one for us all.  This year, I hope to recoup some energy and refill my tank.  

I still have openings in my teaching calendar so if you have a group, guild, or shop that would like me to come speak and teach check out the links in the header.  Thanks and have a wonderful 2014!

Studio January 2014 (4)