Look Out- WIP's Ahead!

I finally got some time to work in my new sewing room and it is marvelous.  The cutting table is perfect and the whole arrangement works great.  I did some work on a quilt I am making for some very special people.  I won't mention who or why they are special until the quilt goes out, but it's called Piney Woods and it's a kit I got at The Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon.  This is a fabulous store and a must-see for any quilter or knitter passing through.  The town is really a neat old western style town and The Stitchin' Post has both quilting and knitting supplies.  I have all the pieces cut out for the quilt (which I got in the blue colorway) and have started sewing the tree blocks together.  I am also planning to add a special appliqued block to the middle of the quilt which will be significant to the recipients.

 I also have several quilty WIP's in addition to the Piney Woods quilt.  I am doing the Keepsake Quilting "Up on a Rooftop" challenge which will not be shown here until it leaves the house.  I have several charity quilts I'm doing for my quilt guild and the Live and Learn Unschool Conference raffle in October.  I have a quilt all ready to be machine quilted for a baby who was just born (gotta get going!).