Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week I made this super simple table runner for our Thanksgiving table.  I love this print by Makower Studios called Sherwood Scenic.  I knew it would be just right for this.  

The Ostheimer woodland animals like it too!  We built up this collection of these sweet wooden animals when the kids were young.  They got a lot of use, but still look practically brand new.  When I was cleaning out the kids' toys this past spring, I just couldn't get rid of these.  The ones below are only a small part of the selection we have.  I have a thing for wood and wooden toys in particular, so they are now mine to play with!  What a treat!  I got out the woodland ones for this display, but the African animals were out over the summer and maybe the farm animals will get their turn next.

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season and it was a big one!  In fact, I went to work thinking I'd have to deal with a couple of inches at the most going home and it turned out to be nearly a foot and still snowing when I finally got home 1.5 hours later.  The commute usually takes 30 minutes.  Gosh, I was glad to be home!  I'm planning to get some photos this afternoon.

Tomorrow is my birthday!  I was born on Thanksgiving, so we've always celebrated on the day.  Pumpkin pie was often my choice of "birthday cake" although I always had a birthday party with friends and actual cake too.  This year I decided to take full advantage of it being my birthday and requested not to host, but did offer to make my favorite part of the meal- PIE!  So, I'll be making pumpkin pie, pecan pie and some rolls.  We'll head to my parents for the meal and it will be a cozy time in their sweet log cabin.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the US and happy Thursday to everyone else!  I am thankful for all of you and for the lovely comments you leave.  It's wonderful to be able to share my work.  

PS- Even though this is a super simple table runner, I plan to post a tutorial for it as soon as I get a chance.  Look for that soon. :-)