Four for AAQI

AAQI Through the Window I, II, III, IV (3)

My one Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative quilt for May multiplied.  These are named Through the Window I, II, III, IV.  I'm just about to send them off, but they are numbered 7089- 7092.

AAQI Through the Window I, II, III, IV (2)

In other AAQI news, my quilt for April, Ginger's Garden- #6882, is for sale now for $65.

AAQI Through the Window I, II, III, IV (5)

AAQI Through the Window I, II, III, IV (1)

I have my June quilt all done already because it's the HOPE quilt I made several months ago.  It is down at QuiltWorks right now as a class sample.  Sadly, my class was supposed to be today, but didn't get any sign-ups.  I may offer it again in the fall.  I think perhaps, a Saturday in May is a bad time for an indoor class. Anyhoo, it's been good to have a full day off from all the stuff that's been going on lately.  I had two days of knitting classes this week with Lucy Neatby.  Also, this week we got a legit offer on our house!  It is now sale pending and we have been out to look at the ones we are interested in.  We made an offer yesterday, but haven't heard back yet.  I'm hopeful this will all work out.  

This means we have an almost impossible summer schedule: travel to Portland, California, Florida, Massachusetts and Europe, Quilt Week here in Central Oregon, family visiting at the end of the summer, Chloe going off to college and a move!  Good thing it's an in town move.  I would be totally freaking out otherwise.  I will take things one day at a time and remember to breathe.  If I disappear for a time, though, you know I'm just super busy.