Doorway to the Past

Doorway to the Past  (1)Here's another older work in progress that I just finished.  This one is not really that old, as things go.  it's from last fall's class with Jean Wells.  This was a sample from an exercise where a composition is traced from a photo.  This one is from a window that Jean photographed.  This week I layered it and machine quilted it with cotton threads and some metallic thread that really twinkles in the sun.  It's hard to capture that with a camera though.Doorway to the Past  (2)

Doorway to the Past  (4)

Doorway to the Past  (5)

This little art quilt has just been listed in the shop.  This week I will be in a workshop with Elizabeth Barton, author of Inspired to Design and Visual Guide to Working in a Series.  The next few weeks will be super busy, but I'll check in when I can.  Also, if you want to follow my Instagram feed (my IG name is kristinshields), you might see various glimpses of what's going on as I go about my days.  By the way, did you know the buttons on the right that say Etsy, Facebook, Flickr Quilt Gallery, Instagram, etc. are clickable?  Just click to visit any of those sites.