Oh My Stars!

Ryan's Stars (1)

I am working on my challenge quilt for the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild.  The theme is Ohio Stars, but I couldn't just do regular Ohio Stars. These are created like I would make any liberated star, but with the center diamond.  I then put them on point for more interest.  I also made these with an asymmetrical 9 patch, so I added a few extra points because some of those long stretches looked like they needed something.  After making the 5 stars above, I felt I needed to have just a bit more in the empty spaces and came up with the idea of changing the proportions of the block.  The large blocks have large centers and shortened star points.  The small stars have small centers and lengthened star points.  

Ryan's Stars (2)

I really like this composition even though it looks almost traditional.  I hope to get the top together today and get it ready for quilting asap.  The finished quilt is due next Tuesday.

PS- This quilt is Ryan's new graduation quilt.  I started one for him last year. It was a similar idea with lots of liberated stars, but something about it was bothering me and I ended up using some of the stars in something else.  The idea languished, but when I asked Ryan if he liked this one and if he noticed anything interesting about it, he said, "Yes!" and pointed out the trucks with the dogs.  Gotta love that kid.  He earns the quilt just for notcing that!

PPS- You may have noticed the log cabin centers here.  When we chose the theme for the challenge, we all put names of our favorite blocks in a basket and one was to be pulled.  The first one pulled was log cabin, one of my favorite blocks to play with, so I was very disappointed when someone said that log cabins were boring and had been done to death and then they kept picking until they got to Ohio Star.  That didn't seem fair to me and I would have loved to see all the great variations of Log Cabin that might have come out of it.   Anyway, I couldn't help but put the log cabins in the quilt anyway, just because!

PPPS-  Look!  My studio is featured on the COMQG blog today!