SOQS:: Collaborative Chicks


On the way to see the Collaborative Chicks exhibit (and lunch) I saw several quilts of interest.  I love recipe quilts, especially for pie!


There were several really cute quilts on the front of the Stitchin' Post, including this one done with Tonye Phillips' Houses pattern.  I love the happy colors and fabrics in this!


This amazing quilt shows the Stitchin' Post and various quilting art forms from around the world in the border.  It's fabulous!


This one is a t-shirt quilt with lots of old SOQS shirts and some quilt show fabric from past years. 


Here's the way to really get around town.  I decided this year that I need to bring my bike next year.  It would be a breeze to get around town and I'd see way more quilts that way.  With Cascade shut to traffic it's a no brainer really.  


Yay for Collaborative quilts and Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran!  This exhibit was really cool.  Not only were there quilts from our classes, but there were quilts from their retreat as well (not mine, alas, it's still in it's rather unfinished state).  The only problem for me was the organization.  With the various sizes of the quilts they had a hard time hanging like with like in some cases.  So you'll see them kind of mixed up.  


My Jen's Garden (pattern called Our Garden), Jackie's Posies.


Spider Web, mine on right.



Liberated wedding ring by my friend Jan.  This one is all solids and really gorgeous.  Again, I wish I had a better photo.

092  093 

Jan's basket quilt from the retreat, Joyce's Halloween liberated wedding ring.


Mom and the poppies.  One thing about Sisters is that it really looks gorgeous for quilt week!


My Christmas liberated wedding ring.


1937 Revisited, mine is on the right, called Happy Turquoise.


My posies on left, Jan's 1937 Revisted on right.  She's calling it a picnic blanket.  I just love it.  The animal fabric is great!  Also, the machine quilter added quotes in sashing that pertain to life and celebration.  Just wonderful!


Lorie's Spider Web on the left.  Our garden on right, not sure who made that one.


My Lone Star.


Jan's liberated baskets again.  Don't you love how she put the outer baskets on their sides and upside down.  Delightfully quirky!  Next time, the Block Contest!