Vested Interest


Two, count 'em, two vests have been finished recently.  Above is the Maid Marian Vest from Fleece Artist.  I got this kit a couple of years ago.  The stitch pattern is really easy, but unique in the way it combines two different weights of yarn.  First you knit with one strand, then go back to the beginning of the needle and knit 1, purl 1 with the other.  Then you turn and repeat.  One yarn is a 100% wool a bit like Manos, the other one is a silk and wool blend that is really beautiful.  I like the combination. 


This one is made with Noro Silk Garden and is the Side to Side vest in Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters.  I like this one too, though I think I'd prefer a shaped armhole next time.  Other knitting is coming along too, but things may be quiet here for a bit.  We'll be traveling and I won't be able to post unless I get some created ahead of time.  Things being how they are, it's not looking good for that.  I may get in one or two more posts before then though, you never know!