Sisters Quilt Show- Baskets and more


As promised, here is a closer view of those baskets.  What I love about this one is the way some of the basket handles don't meet the basket.  There are the odd bits of fabric inserted to make the rows even out.  It's also a great mix of colors and fabrics and there is plenty of interest to keep the eye moving. 


This Southwest Christmas is really nicely done.


I love the use of the stripes here.  Below is a multi paneled quilt put together by the local machine quilter's association.  Each quilter took the same pattern with a different color scheme and quilted it how ever they chose.



We have a trip to Australia and New Zealand next year and I'm already looking forward to that.  These fabrics were collected during the quilter's trip around Australia.



I think this one below was made by Jean Wells.  I've been trying to figure out how to do the radiant sun pattern as a free pieced design, so I'm going to study this one and see if I can't do it some day.