Stocking for Stitchin' Post Hospice Contest (1)

Stocking for Stitchin' Post Hospice Contest (6)

Stocking for Stitchin' Post Hospice Contest (7)

Stocking for Stitchin' Post Hospice Contest (17)

Well, this is the little project I mentioned a while back. It took longer to finish simply due to lack of studio time last week.  This is a stocking I made for the Stitchin' Post Hospice Fundraiser.  Every year they do this and it's a different sort of project each year.  I know there have been years when the theme has been table runners and other items that didn't grab my attention.  This is the first year that I've done it and only because I couldn't resist the opportunity to try designing a stocking!  This is my own design, but the construction is based on some stockings I made about 10 years ago.  

The owl was fun to do and I used the red background fabric that has a woven-in quilted look.  I can never remember the name of that fabic.  I love stitching on it though.  I free pieced the border at the top and did needleturn applique on everything else.  I quilted it before adding some embroidery to liven it up.  There is a viewer's choice contest involved here with a sizeable Stitchin' Post gift certificate.  I'd love to win, but this was also great to do as a test project.  How much would you pay for a handmade stocking like this?  I have thought about making some to sell, but not this year.  Maybe next year.

Speaking of the next year, this is the first day of my 49th year!  It's my birthday and I couldn't resist using my new photography skills to try out another portrait of myself.  It was tricky using the self timer with nothing there to set the focus, but I managed it.  You might call me the fool with the camera these days.  It's fun though and I think I've finally got some skills to take me into the Christmas season.  I will be grabbing willing models whenever possible.  Today I added a couple of items to my shop.  More on them tomorrow!

Kristin Birthday 6