More Handmade

Chloe made me a couple of gifts for Christmas that are very dear to me.  The first was this very cute sachet.  One day when we were out shopping she wanted to buy fresh rosemary.  I thought this was odd, but went along with it.  When we got home I also found a votive candle in the bag and thought it had gotten in there by mistake.  It turns out she was planning this little sachet.  It smells absolutely wonderful and is in my lingerie drawer now.  I never would have thought about putting candle bits into a sachet, but she read about it in an American Girl magazine.

A couple of days before Christmas Chloe spent many hours in my craft room working on a secret project.  When I opened this little book on Christmas I was so thrilled.  It's fantasic!  I love all the little details like the cut out star, the buttons and the different doodles around the edges.  It's made like a star book (see below), but has 4 pages.  Each page shows Scrabble in a different season.

This is one of the star books I made for the kids this Christmas.  These are so fun to make and really easy.   This one is smaller than Chloe's and has 5 pages.  I guess you can really put any number of pages up to 8 or so.  This smaller size is nice as an ornament when you open it all the way up and tie the ribbon back the other way like in the bottom photo.