A woven composition


Checking in from the land of lung infections.  Chloe had pneumonia (still coughing, but recovering nicely) and now I've got bronchitis.  Yuck!  

This piece is my composition made from weavings from the Cloth to Cloth 2 class.  I'm so sad that it's over, but Jude is making plans for future classes and you know I'll be there!  I had so much fun learning about all these techniques.  I'm now quilting it and will then embellish with more stitching.  By the way, can you tell that the star is made by weaving.  It's one of the most interesting techniques Jude taught.

My book/quilt group, The Undercover Quilters, has chosen our book for this year's quilt project.  It's called On the Divinity of Second Chances by Kaya McLaren.  If you haven't read it yet, you must!  It has so many possibilities for interpretation in cloth.  Anyway, I've got some ideas for what I want to do and I'd like it to be done in the style of a spirit cloth.  One of the themes of the book is the moon and what she sees.  Recently, I saw on a blog a wonderful rendition of the moon with a face.  For the life of me, though, I can't remember where I saw that.  If any of you remember a moon face done in cloth, please direct me there.  I'd like to include cloth weaving and lots of stitch.  For now, it's just in the thinking phase.  I haven't made any sketches or played with fabric yet, but I will document the process here as it evolves.  So long, I've got to rest!