QuiltCon2017 : Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon

Quilt #2 that will be heading to QuiltCon 2017 is Wild Abandon.  I showed several photos of this in progress on Instagram, but this the first posting of the final quilt.  I had a lot of fun with the quilting which was inspired by Jacquie Gering and her Craftsy class.  There were tons of ends to bury which took several night's work, but I love the result.

This quilt was made entirely from scraps from the scrap bin, mostly used just as they were.  This is my favorite improv technique.  Trimming really just happens in order to make sections fit together.  I do use the design wall with something like this, but I never get stressed out about where to put a particular section.  I know it will be fun no matter what.  

Also, I don't worry too much about the colors used.  If I were to look critically at this I might say those dark and dreary colors don't really go with the rest, but as it turns out they give a place for the eye to rest.  The contrast in value is important, but I know you can also have a lovely quilt without a whole lot of contrast.  The longer I do this, the more I feel anything goes.

I love the back!  I had a large cut of that fabric and decided it would work perfectly here due to the colors and the animals.  Seemed to fit the title.  This quilt was a treat to make.  I think it will be a wonderful wall quilt, but would also be such a fun baby quilt.  Stay tuned for quilt #3!