QuiltCon Traveling Exhibit

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Just a note to say that I’m so excited to report that 70s Child will be included in the 2019 QuiltCon Traveling Exhibit. This is something I’ve been hoping for for a long time. I can’t find a website with the info on when and where yet, but I have heard that it’s going to France, Australia, South Africa and more! That’s really cool. I have never had one of my quilts go out of the country before. I’ll post more when I find out details.

Road to California Quilt Show

Rhythm of the Rails ribbon 2.jpg

It’s always a thrill when a quilt comes back from a show with a ribbon. This time I did know about it ahead of time because a friend sent me a picture from the show, but otherwise it would have been a complete surprise. Rhythm of the Rails has had quite a time at the shows since last year. It’s been to QuiltCon Pasadena, AQS Fall Paducah, Pacific International Quilt Festival and now Road to California. It’s won a Judge’s Choice and an Honorable Mention. I may send it on to one or two other shows because there’s still time, but for now I’m very pleased! This is the first time I’ve entered R2CA and I have never been to the show, but I hear it’s a really nice one. I have had to cut down on my quilting travel a bit so I won’t be at QuiltCon in Nashville either, but I do have a quilt heading there: 70s Child. We’ll see how it does. In the meantime this quilt has pride of place right by the front door and I even hung the ribbon with it, just for a little while.

Rhythm of the Rails ribbon.jpg
Rhythm of the Rails ribbon 3.jpg

Happy Quilt News Tonight



Just popping in for a quick post to let you know I've had some happy news tonight.  Tranquility has won an Honorable Mention in the Modern quilts category at AQS Grand Rapids.  I won't be able to attend the show, but it starts tomorrow if you are in the area.

In other news, Wild Abandon has ended its show days and will be heading to its new home tomorrow.  I have added new items to the shop in recent days.  Check out quilts, textile art and original paintings here:  KristinShieldsArt.  For handmade art journals look here:  KMSHandmade.

Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon

Simply Moderne Magazine

Rhythm of the Rails in Simply Moderne #13.jpg

I've recently had two quilts featured in Simply Moderne Magazine.  Waiting for Sanity was printed in Simply Moderne issue #12 in a gallery of quilts from the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at International Quilt Festival, Houston.  Rhythm of the Rails was featured in Simply Moderne #13 (the current issue) in a gallery of quilts from QuiltCon.  The funny thing is that I only came to know about both of these instances because my quilting friend Martha works at Barnes & Noble and keeps up on all the quilt magazines.  What a treat!  

70s Child

70s Child, 39" x 51"

70s Child, 39" x 51"

70s Child is a recent finish that I only started a couple of months ago.  I wanted to do a quilt based on improv curves.  These blocks were cut free hand with a rotary cutter and machine pieced.  I have done curves before, but never so many in one quilt.  It turns out I really hate doing them.  It's one reason the blocks sat for a bit before I got back to them.  I first made the small (approx 5") blocks, then made the four larger triple curve blocks in the upper right.  I set them aside to finish some other things, but every time I thought about getting them out I was turned off because I hated the process so much.  In the end I realized the design had potential and I should really just suck it up and finish it.  I made some more larger curved blocks (about 6"), then the rectangular blocks, and lastly the three largest ones at the bottom.  

I just found out that 70s Child was accepted into the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at IQF Houston this year, so that will be it's first outing as I need to mail it off soon.  I don't know why they need them so soon when the show's not until November, but there you go.

2018 70s Child (2).JPG

It took me a little while to arrange them and start to put it together.  When the top was finished I machine quilted with dense straight lines (1/4" apart) which is my go to for abstract modern quilts.  It's not terribly original, but it's my thing.  I'm done trying to come up with some fabulous free motion design.  I really don't enjoy that and in the end I feel it can be limiting.  In this case, the quilting adds lovely texture, but no (or minimal) character.  I am not really interested in having someone else quilt it for an exorbitant price unless I am dealing with something too large for me.

2018 70s Child (6) 2400 px.jpg
2018 70s Child (7).JPG

I finished it with a binding pieced from scraps and I really like the result.  By the way, the color palette started with the mustard yellow.  I added the reds, pinks and gray and then needed something else and turquoise just seemed to pop.  It started to remind me of the 70s while I was working on it.  Partly it was due to the mustard yellow/harvest gold color and partly due to the shapes.  Plus, I'm a 70s Child myself as I turned 6 in 1970.  So, don't expect any more improv curves from me, except perhaps in small doses.  

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