Last weekend I took Ryan to the local Model Train Club's Open House.  He had a great time looking at the indoor layout and then had a ride on a 1/8th scale train outside.  The indoor layout had some very clever vignettes including a robber having a shootout with police (they were on opposite sides of the train track).  There was also a family of bears milling around the base of a cliff where rock climbers were climbing.

We've had some quiet times at home this week, which is a big relief from last week which was too busy.  Chloe started sewing her first skirt last weekend and got it finished tonight.  She did all the sewing and ironing.  I cut the fabrics with the rotary cutter, though she says she could've done that too!  Very cute!

I also took some great photos of an aspen stand near our house.  I've wanted to take photos over there the past few years, but never made it.  Aspens are so photogenic!

Chloe has started working on the outline for her Nanowrimo novel.  Last year she just started writing without more than a basic idea of the characters.  This year, she has more planned out.  It's fun to watch the wheels turning while she decides what to do.