Knitted Love

Last week I got a wonderful package from my friend, Tammy.  I met Tammy through blogging where she writes about her knitting and her homeschooling family on Lavendar Knits.  I was also fortunate to meet Tammy in person at Camp Cockamamie on Orcas Island last April.  She is a lovely person and a fabulous knitter.  She works occasionally for Blue Moon Fiber Arts when they are shipping out their Rockin' Sock Club yarns and she also knits samples for them.  A few weeks ago she sent a lovely knitted hat (forgot to get a photo of that one) and also said she wanted to send something else.  I was so surprised when I opened the package to see this!  She also sent soap, aloe gel, chocolates and tea which have all been properly distributed and consumed, at least in part.

From Tammy's blog:  "This is Alix's Lace Prayer Shawl, by Myrna Stahman, and the pattern can be found in the book, "Back on Blossom Street", by Debbie Macomber, or on Debbie Macomber's website. It took 2 skeins of Socks that Rock, in mediumweight, though the pattern calls for lightweight. Colorway is Turquoise, and I used size US 3 needles. It was a quick knit, about 2 weeks, plus a couple of days."

It is so beautiful and absolutely my colors.  This is the first shawl that I have to wear.  I just knit two myself, but haven't blocked them!  Lucky me, blocking can wait a little longer.  Thank you so much, Tammy!  It's my favorite thing to wear now.

I've a had a couple of people ask how I'm doing lately.  I'm doing really well now that the worst of the chemo is over.  I feel I have all or most of my energy back and I can do whatever I want to and eat whatever I want to.  I'm on a different chemo drug now, one that can cause neuropathy.  I have one numb fingertip so far.  For most people the neuropathy is temporary, though it can take months to resolve.  My doctor and I will keep close tabs on it and make changes if needed. 

I am thinking about surgery after Christmas so that I can enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas and will have radiation treatments after that.  I really feel the worst is behind me and I'm feeling incredibly creative now.  I'm back to my usual mode of jumping from project to project.  I'm taking care of WIP's and starting new things and have even done a little fabric and yarn shopping.  I'm quite sure this positive attitude has a lot to do with all the support and love I've received.  I also have it on good authority from my mom that I don't look sickly.  She and my dad got back from their 3 month RV trip though Canada and the eastern US last week and she was surprised to see me looking so good.  A positive attitude can really do a lot!