Timeless Tapestry Amish Style

Timeless Tapestry Amish Style
59 x 59
machine pieced, hand and machine quilted

Timeless Tapestry Amish Style is my quilt for the Stitchin' Post Employee Challenge.  We had the theme Timeless Tapestry which we all decided could apply to just about any quilt.  However, to me it all goes back to my original quilt loves- Amish quilts.  Also, to my love of solid fabrics which are the most timeless of fabrics.  

I got out my books of Amish quilts, including Amish Abstractions and found the one that would inspire me.  The original is crib size.  The colors are different and I decided to extend the eye-popping red and turquoise sections out to the borders, but I'm sure that maker would recognize this quilt.  The center is about as precise as I get, but the striped sections are created improvisationally and are definitely not perfect.

I started machine quilting in the center of the quilt and did the same motif you see here.  However, it looked just awful, so I decided to rip those stitches and re-do it with hand quilting in the center.  Then I machine quilted all the rest. I like that it marries the traditional with the modern.  If I had had time to hand quilt the whole thing it would have been great, but I like this compromise.

I absolutely love this quilt!  It is about 60" square and will be a lap quilt.  If no one else liked it I wouldn't care one little bit since I love it so.  The back is pretty cool too!  Look for it on Saturday in the Employee Challenge exhibit on the east end of the Stitchin' Post building.  I've been told by Jean herself that my quilt will be hung on point at the very top of the building.  Can't wait to see it there!   If you get there early enough you might get to see the firefighters as they hang the quilts!