Minimal Quiltmaking with Gwen Marston

This week I have had the great pleasure to see Gwen Marston again.  On Monday and Tuesday when I was working she was teaching Small Studies at the Stitchin' Post and on Thursday and Friday I got to join in her class called Minimal Quiltmaking.  This was the first time she taught this class since the book came out last year.  It's always a treat to see the book samples in person and to spend time in Gwenny's presence.

The purple quilt above is actually in the brand new Free Range Triangles book, but Gwen brought it as another example of minimal quiltmaking.  The incredible quilting on this was done by Sue Nickels.  

This was a fun class, as always, and even nicer for getting to meet lots of new people.  We had several group chats and Gwen's inspirational quilts on the walls until class creativity took over and needed the design wall space.  

Gwen asked me to bring my two quilts from the book so it was nice to have them up and sharing space with Gwen's beautiful works.

In my notes I wrote about the various ways that a quilt could be described as minimal: minimal contrast, color, design and piecing/applique.  In my piece I decided to stick with the minimal color for my theme.  I have been using some pastels lately to counterpoint my usual medium and dark solids.  Here I have combined some pastels with neutrals and some denim colored chambrays.  

Making this centerpiece was the only design idea I started with.  I often do this.  Start with an idea and then go away and come back with a new addition.  This part was created before lunch and then I started figuring what to add to it after lunch.

Silly Gwen is pointing out that my points are cut off!

On day two Gwen demonstrated her single fold binding technique that some are considering using.

Still life with Gwenny's books.

Still life with Gwenny's books.

Still life with machine.

Still life with machine.

On day two I developed the idea a bit more with some larger fields and bits of contrast.  I also added in the dark denim blue.

Above my piece shares space with two done by my friend Lani.  She is definitely not doing minimal color!

Mine will continue to grow in the coming days.  I am contemplating the name of this one as I always do when I am working on a piece.  This one feels like the Quiet Quilt at this point.  We'll see.  

Finally, this young man turned 21 yesterday!  Ryan had a great day at school celebrating with his pals.  It's hard to believe I can have children who are full grown adults.  Wow!