Apple Day

Apple Day (1)

Yesterday was Apple Day at Chez Shields.  I didn't keep track of how many pounds of apples, but it sure felt like a lot!  This is only a small portion.

Apple Day (2)

I made 5 pies worth of filling, in the freezer now.  I used this recipe and will see how I like it.  I've never made a pie from a canned filling before.  I've always used fresh apples, so we'll see.

Apple Day (3)

12 quarts of applesauce too.

First Fire
And the first fire in our new home.  It was lovely.  This wood stove works so much better than our old fireplace.  I think we will be very cozy this winter!  I even got some stitching done by the fire last night.  Will have to post more on that later.  I'm off to the farmer's market for some dinner fixings.