15 Handles

Strings for 15 Handles (1)

When I pulled some old UFO's for the guild retreat a few weeks ago, 15 Handles got taken, but not worked on.  When I got home I decided to get down to it and finish the thing!  This required making many many string sets.  In fact, I sewed for days and days and really got tired of the whole thing.  I made so many string sets, I had enough to make 5 columns of strings for the backing and still have a ton left over.  The problem was that I kept changing my mind about what colors should be in the mix.  I started with just blues and greens, but by the end, I had added purples, reds and pinks too, just to jazz it up.  I also kept finding old scraps to use!  Sometimes it feels like I'm drowning in scraps and just need to use them up before I can move on.  So I sewed and cut and cut and sewed until I had strings to reach from here to California.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Take a gander at the baskets as they were to begin with.

Strings for 15 Handles (3)

Scrappy baskets, one with a handle missing because I forgot it. Hence, the 15 Handles.  Oh, and that's a nice picture Ryan made for me adding to the general ambiance of the studio.  (It's a Green Tree Python!)

Strings for 15 Handles (7)

I debated on whether I should just add the string border or put in a narrow inner border.  The blue narrow border won out.

Strings for 15 Handles (9)

Strings for 15 Handles (12)

After what seems like forever, the top is done and so is the back which I forgot to get a photo of.  It has 5 columns of strings.  I still have a huge stack of strings.  Enough to make another quilt for Community Quilts when I get some free time.  This one will be quilted by a guild friend of mine.  The thought of pushing this thing through my machine gives me the willies!  I have already moved onto some other projects. More about them this week!