Christmas Quilts


Two quilts were given as gifts this year.  First was Scrabble's Quilt, made by Chloe!  She had a brilliant idea to take the neck-kerchiefs that the groomer gives Scrabble each time and make them into a quilt.  He usually wears them for a day or two and then he's done with them.  We saved them for no particular purpose until she decided to do this.  I love how this quilt came out and she did it with very minimal help from me.  I guess I really did raise a quilter (even though it's not her favorite craft to do!).  There is only one fabric above besides that backing and binding that is regular quilt fabric.  The downside is the fabric is cheap and probably won't stand up to a lot of abuse.  Scrabble is very gentle though, so I expect it to be fine for quite a while.



The big reveal of Ryan's quilt wasn't so much of a surprise, but he can be pretty oblivious to the things I do, so I wanted to make it a real wrapped present.  


I think he likes it!