Not the plan

Our flight on Saturday was botched in every way.  We left Oregon an hour late, missed the connection in Salt Lake City and had to reschedule on another carrier.  In the process my bag was lost (Chloe's came through fine).  I didn't get to Chicago until after the Yarn Harlot's talk.  Then there was a hassle with the car rental company and we were delayed another hour.  We finally got to the hotel about 8 pm and collapsed in exhaustion.  My bag didn't arrive until 11:30 the next morning.  What a disappointment! 

We did have a nice day in Chicago, though the temperature was in the 80's.  We spent Sunday afternoon at American Girl Place and had a great time.  The theater show was worth the money, the cafe not so much.  In the evening we went out to see the new Corpse Bride movie which was kind of weird, but okay.  On Monday we went up in the Hancock Observatory and saw a great view of the city and the lake.  Then we walked all the way to the Art Institute of Chicago.  It was hot, it was a long walk and we were a little worn out when we got there.  We did stop at the Cloud Gate which is still being renovated, but it's a marvelous shiny structure which reflects the whole city and sky.  It's really cool and it's in a park which is worth visiting right next to the Art Institute.  At the Art Institute we looked especially for paintings by Van Gogh and other impressionists.  I also found out how much Chloe likes Salvador Dali.  She bought a print of one of the melting clock paintings.  The miniature rooms are amazing and when looking at photos of them in a book you would never know there weren't life size.

We left for Indianapolis right after this and had about a 3 hour drive.  We got there just in time for a late dinner with our friends.  On to bed and a full day the next day.