Modern Strings Deconstructed

Modern Strings Deconstructed, 45" x 45"

Modern Strings Deconstructed, 45" x 45"

The Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild Challenge this year has the theme, "String Theory".  It was open to any interpretation and I had an original idea that was kind of involved.  In the end I wanted to get it done quickly so when I found a partially complete quilt in the closet during my big clean out I came up with a new idea.  The old project was You + Me by Heather Jones. It's a simple string quilt and not one that I would normally do. 

The only reason I had it at all is because I attended the MQG SewDown in Portland, OR in 2014.  There were four teachers and all attendees had to attend every class.  I went mostly to take a class with Sherri Lynn Wood, but I went to all of them.  Anyway, I got all the grey and white blocks done in the class, but then it sat in the closet for 4 years.  I decided to cut up the blocks and do my own thing.

I matched the gray, white and orange with a wonderful denim blue chambray.  I was hot off of some other hand quilted projects and so I decided to do this one as well.  It went quickly. I think it took about a week to hand quilt.  

2018 Modern Strings Deconstructed (10).JPG

One of the rules of the challenge is that the quilts remain secret until after the big reveal at our July meeting.  At that meeting the membership votes on favorites.  The winners will be announced later in the year. 

2018 Modern Strings Deconstructed (13).JPG

Anyway, that's why this is the first anyone has seen of it online.  I washed this one after quilting so it's all crinkled up and cuddly.  By the way, the yellow quilting thread was a somewhat random choice. I decided I didn't want to just do white and after laying out several colors the yellow just seemed right.

2018 Modern Strings Deconstructed (11).JPG