The Owl and the Tree

Knitted tree ornament with glass button- tree from Kaite (1)

I have stocked the shop with a few more ornaments including the owl below. I'm having so much fun designing and creating these little ornaments. The tree above will be staying here though.  Kaite do you remember this tree you sent me, how long ago was it?  I think maybe 2 years ago?  Anyway, Kaite spun and knitted this little tree and I finally decided what I wanted to do with it. It's quite comfortable on the same linen sandwich I made for all the other ornaments. This gives it some body and it makes a nice ornament for the tree or for year round enjoyment. I finished it off with one of the vintage glass buttons I've gotten recently. These buttons were too pretty to send them all away. I'm finally getting some artwork on the studio walls.  It's really nice!

Owl Ornament (2)