End of Year Crunch Time

Ryan Senior Award Assembly (8)

I have been so busy for the past week, I haven't had time to photograph the kitty quilt, let alone do any sewing.  Ryan had his senior awards assembly, where he was awarded the Lifelong Learner Award.  He was so happy and we are so proud of him!

Ryan Senior Award Assembly (19)

Ryan Senior Award Assembly (21)

I left the award assembly last Thursday and headed right over the mountains to pick up Chloe from college.  She and her roommate cleared out of their dorm for the last time.  Next year, they are both off for semesters abroad in the fall, and then plan to get an apartment.  We took a time out for a fun photo shoot.

Chloe & Caitlyn May 2013 (14)

Chloe & Caitlyn May 2013 (15)

Chloe & Caitlyn May 2013 (16)

Chloe & Caitlyn May 2013 (19)

Chloe & Caitlyn May 2013 (20)

These two will certainly be lifelong friends, and, yes, they've been asked many times if they are sisters, if not twins!  

I did manage to get my quilts registered for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show before all the hoopla.  I have 18 quilts registered for my own exhibit, plus 4 quilts for other special exhibits.  I had my goal set to have it all finished by the end of May because I knew things would go a bit crazy after that.  This coming weekend Ryan will have his graduation.  I will be back next week with photos of the cat quilt and more of what's going on in the studio!