How I Love a Free Hand Fan

BIQR Joy (1)Here's another newly finished quilt.  This one was started in Gwen Marston's Beaver Island Quilt Retreat last fall.  I started doing the free hand fans, but was stymied by the needle I was using and put it away for several months.  By the time I got it out again I had discovered a better needle for me so the multiple layers and frequent seams weren't as much of a problem.  BIQR Joy (4)

I may now be addicted to free hand fans.  On this one, the first row at the bottom was pretty regular.  After that I went a little more free form and just started adding new fans wherever I liked.  This loose style fits the quilt better and is more fun to do!BIQR Joy (2)

BIQR Joy (7)

I embroidered my initials, the date of the retreat and the initials for Beaver Island Quilt Retreat in the corners. I haven't come up with a name for this one yet.