The making of a Knitter


I got an email from my sister on Christmas day.  She and her husband were thrilled with all the wonderful knitted gifts they got.  In addition to the fingerless mitts, scarf, doggie sweaters, moebius basket and quilt they got from me, it turns out they have knitters on the other side of the family and received more knitted gifts from them. 

Now my sister is taking up knitting!  That's wonderul isn't it?  She is already a gifted glass artist, quilter and crafter.  She loves to try new things and does a lot of house remodel projects too.  She is fearless when it comes to trying new techniques so I'm sure she'll be a great knitter.  I tried to post the photo of the quilt I sent her, but apparently it's in the wrong format.  Being the non-techie that I am, I'll have to wait to see if I can get help on this.  Meanwhile I'm on the bottom decreases of the cat bed and will hopefully get to felt it tomorrow.  Then a few days to dry and off it will be sent to Cheryl to warm her kitties in their new mountain home next week. 

Now, just to brighten this post a bit.  I didn't mention in yesterday's post that Chloe was wearing her newest One Skein Wonder in the photos.  So here is another one of Chloe and her red OSW.  It's not the best photo of the sweater, but Chloe and Scrabble are pretty darn cute!  Coming next, the Christmas gift wrap-up and photos of the day.  Hopefully, some new knitting photos and maybe even some quilt posts too.