Frankenquilt (1)This is Halloween quilt #2 that got finished recently.  As they say, "parts is parts".  This is made from some very old Halloween fabrics in my stash.  Some parts were leftover from older Halloween quilts, but I took all that I had and built 9.5 inch blocks, trimmed them to size and put them together.  Easy peasy and a whole lot of fun!  It may look sort of like there is sashing, but that's just a side effect of how the blocks were constructed and how I placed them. Frankenquilt (2)

Frankenquilt (3)The zig zag below is my favorite block.Frankenquilt (4)

Frankenquilt (6)

Frankenquilt (7)This quilt wasn't supposed to be a masterpiece, so I did my go-to, simple meander machine quilting.  It's the fastest when I just want to get something done.  Frankenquilt (8)