Placemat Swap


I couldn't resist one more swap this spring.  This time it was a placemat swap hosted by krommama on Flickr.  This is the package I sent to my partner, Julie.  The placemat can be seen better below.  I made a simple coin quilt, but with very pretty fabrics.  The house is a hot pad and I just love the yellow daisy print in the background.  I must see if I can find more of it!  I also included a bit of tea and some homemade jam.



In return I got a fabulous package from Julie!  There were two placemats (!), some tea and cookies and some coffee candy.  The goodies had been consumed by the time the photo was taken.  Aren't these some great free pieced letters!  I'm so happy to have these.  This was one of the best swaps I've done.


I confess I haven't actually used them for dining yet, but I am contemplating it.  Perhaps a spot of tea with them would be just right.  Thank you so much Julie!  If you'd like to see more beautiful placemats, check out the Flickr group at the link above.