Weekend Pleasures

Most of the readers of this blog probably already know that I'm going through treatment for breast cancer.  I started chemotherapy several weeks ago and the weekend before the first treatment I decided we should do some fun things to end the summer right. 


So, that Saturday we took a leisurely float down the Deschutes River.  This was lots of fun.  We'd been waiting all summer for Chloe to get her cast off before heading out on the river.  I only got photos of us putting in because I didn't want to carry the camera with us.  Chloe took a dip in the cold mountain water, but decided against floating down directly in the water!

The next day we took a day trip to Sparks Lake in the Cascades.  This high lake was incredibly beautiful on this late summer day.  The air was crisp and clean and there were no bugs.  We had a lovely picnic, then took a hike.

We saw this tree, curiously bent by snow and wind.

Ryan insisted on carrying my pack.

There were dozens of common nighthawks cruising over the lake catching bugs, though you can't see them in this photo. 

Here we are with South Sister behind us.

This is Broken Top.  My dad and I climbed this one two years ago.

Chloe collected these sticks to make her name.  They now grace her bedroom.

What a wonderful day!