Gee's Bend Challenge Update


This is the final top (62" x 62").  The photo is taken with my cell phone on a dark and dreary late afternoon, so the colors are off, but you can see the shapes.  It's constructed improvisationally with the center made in units and put together, then variously constructed "logs" were added around and around.  You may remember my inspiration was a couple of Gee's Bend quilts that I have from a postcard pack.  Many of the Gee's Bend quilts are constructed in this manner and there's almost always something unexpected in the mix.  In the quilt on the left below the border with the triangles really spices things up.  In the one on the right, the skinny red strip is what draws my eye, as well as the brown rectangle top left.  

Studio views (1)

Edited to add:  The quilt on the left is by Jennie Pettway, circa 1975, the quilt on the right is by Annie Mae Young, circa 1965.

I've gotta run. We have the first guild board meeting of the year tonight and I'm pooped!  Chloe left really early this morning for a January Term abroad in England.  I would have been all set since I didn't have to get up at 4 am to get her to the airport, but when Mark got home at 5, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep again.  

Chloe's trip is 3.5 weeks in England.  They'll be in London, Bath, Oxford and some other places and the class is Creative Writing. It's all so perfect for her that I hope she has a fantastic time.  I'm a little jealous!