Wish Upon a Card 2012

Sleeping Giraffe postcard

It's that time of year again!  The Stitchin' Post will be accepting fabric post cards for Wish Upon A Card right up until July 1.  If you wish to have a card be considered for framing, the deadline is April 15.  Maybe you have time to get one in the mail tomorrow?  I had such fun making my postcards.  I first decided to make the giraffe above with some wool felt.  I was inspired after seeing Salley Mavor's presentation. In order to make the card stiff, I used Fast-2-Fuse for the middle layer.  The backs on all of them are linen.  All the embroidery was done before I fused it to the Fast-2-Fuse.  After fusing to the linen backing, I zig-zagged around the edge.

Sleeping Owls Postcard

Next I decided to get back to my beloved linen, but wanted to see if it was possible to do without adding the harem cloth backing the way I do the slow cloth.  That was a mistake, but a good lesson!  The owls were created by fusing the blue linen to a piece of harem cloth with some Steam-A-Seam.  That stuff is nasty for hand sewing, so I had a real pain doing the applique and embroidery on this one.  I finally decided to finish the tree with some machine stitching.  Then it was fused to the Fast-2-Fuse, fused to a linen backing and zig-zagged around the edge.

Bouquet postcard

I went back to my favorite slow cloth techniques with this last one.  The blue linen backing was stitched with an invisible baste to some harem cloth.  Then I added all the applique, some raw edge, some needle turned.  I had lots of fun adding the embroidery stitches, then fused it to the Fast-2-Fuse and the linen backing.  Finally I zig-zagged around the edge.  

Wish Upon a Card fronts

I like them a lot and hope they are well received for the fundraiser.  If you would like to give fabric postcards a try and have any questions at all, I'd be happy to answer them in the comments.

Wish Upon a Card backs
The backs are almost as pretty as the fronts.  I used hand dyed linen.  The blue is indigo dyed from a linen thrift store shirt that had that flower motif printed on it.