G'day Mate

We finally found the corner of the room with free wifi!  As I sit here looking out our 15th floor window in downtown Sydney at 9 pm I can see the flying foxes as they swoop around the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park.  Our first few days have been filled to the brim with new experiences and loads of fun. Everyone is holding up well and we haven't noticed any kind of jet lag.  We did manage to get a fairly decent night's sleep on the plane from LA to Sydney (we were in business class- now we know how to travel!).

So far we've gone out to Manly Beach on the ferry, saw the opera house and the great exodus of the bats from the Botanical Gardens.  We've also gone to the Australia Museum and out to Bondi Beach. Today we went to the Taronga Zoo, but had no luck seeing a platypus which was my goal for the day. The incredible bird life has made up for that.  We've seen many new species already with more to come.  Next week we are heading out to the Capertee Valley to see more wildlife.  The one thing I can't seem to do from here is to upload photos so that will have to wait.