The Magic Feather Project

Magic Feathers for Jude

A while back Jude Hill began a project called the Magic Feather Project.  I added a link in my sidebar, but just realized I never posted anything about it.  Jude is attempting to collect 1000 magic feathers to create a large cloth that can be used to bring comfort and healing to children.  She's asked for anyone to stitch or applique a feather to a small block and send it to her.  So far, there are 329 feathers in.  You can follow her blog posts about this or her Flickr page.  You can even see some free lessons in how to do this.  All of Jude's lessons are wonderful, so to get some for free is particularly delightful.

My story about the three feathers above is here.  In addition to my feathers for the project, I couldn't resist making a thank you for Jude.

Hey ho for Jude
I am now working on some patchwork feathers.  Here's a preview:

Patchwork Magic Feathers

Magic Feather Project