Quilt Week- Post #5

This first quilt was in front of the Stitchin' Post and I have to say I saw it from the back first and was so intrigued with the beautiful quilting that I went around to the front.

These next two are by Joanne Meyers who is a member of our guild.  She is a wonderful quilter and makes especially beautiful applique.  These two designs are from the book, Amish Inspired Quilts, which is also one of my favorites.  I saw Joanne when she first got this book and knew she'd make something gorgeous.  All those triangles are appliqued.

This quilt is by local quilter, Wendy Hill, who came to our quilt guild recently to talk about her quilts.  This quilt is from her book, Easy Bias-Covered Curves.  I'm not sure if I'll ever try this technique, but the result is striking.

Well, I've still got at least two more posts to go.  I've got photos from the teacher's tent and photos from the block contest.  Both are worth waiting for!