Can't believe my luck!


Well, it really happened.  I won the Sisters Quilt Show Block Contest!  Click here to see all the winners (mine is labeled 2009 QBC winner).  I had been saying this was my year to win and I couldn't believe it when someone from the Stitchin' Post called to say I got lucky.  My block was in the category of teacher's favorites, so it includes some of the best blocks in the contest.  Though I have to say all the blocks were really outstanding this year.  So, you can see them all above.  Now, the quandary: how to put them together?   I like the 4 x 4 arrangement, but would need to add something to fill that empty spot. 


One of the cool things is that the win includes 1.5 yds of shot cotton.  I get to choose from 8 colors.  They said I could use it in the quilt or not, as I like.  I tested the idea of the solid red and the solid peacock blue.  I'm leaning toward the blue since there isn't much blue in the blocks to begin with.  I have a bunch of that color in the stash already so could use the winning fabric to fill a hole in my stash (ie- I'm about out of the chartreuse, one  of my favorite colors).  I also tested it with this millefiori print that I absolutely love and have tons of, but the blocks blend into it.


I'd love to hear thoughts on how to put this together.  I intend to have it done for the show next year.

In other show news, you can see the juried postcards from the quilt show here.   As it turns out, one of my cards was chosed to be framed for the silent auction.   It's the polka dotted blue bird down near the bottom right.  I got a nice card saying it made $80 in the silent auction.  I looked for it on quilt show day, but couldn't find it and never got a photo of it framed.  I'm glad it made a good donation for Wendy's Wish.  Unfortunately, it seems that this year was the last for this postcard fundraiser.  I really had fun making them.