Cats, Dogs, and Birds, Oh My!

Finished Ornaments (12).JPG

Hello Friends,

If you have been waiting for any combination of my ornament stitching kits to arrive in the shop, you're in luck.  My Etsy shop is restocked of all 6 versions that I plan to make.  There are 6 versions of the ornaments available (actually 7, which I will explain below).  All of these have been printed with black ink as that seemed to be the preference.

  • All 6 Dogs and Cats as a KIT
  • All 6 Dogs and Cats as a PANEL ONLY
  • 3 Cats as a KIT
  • 3 Cats as a PANEL ONLY
  • 3 Dogs as a Kit
    • 3 Dogs as a PANEL ONLY

If you have already bought a kit or panel and would like to share a photo of one of the finished ornaments, please send it to me by emailing kristin@oldshoepress(dot)com.  I'd love to feature your work here!  

As you think about your holiday gifts this year consider either making the ornaments yourself or gifting a panel or kit to someone who loves to stitch.  If you choose to just get the panel you can use your own stash of embroidery thread.  The panels also come with my instruction booklet which has my color and stitch suggestions as well as instructions for finishing the ornaments.  The panels could also be used as is for patches or set into quilt blocks. I'm sure you can come up with other ideas too!  If these are popular I may reprint one more time before November.  If I decide to do them again next year I'll probably make up different designs, so if you like these I'd recommend buying soon.  Thanks!

For the Dog Lovers!

For the Dog Lovers!

For the Cat Lovers!

For the Cat Lovers!

*** The seventh version which will not be continued is the 6 Dogs and Cats as a KIT, but with brown ink.  This didn't seem to be a preference and as I've been working on them myself I have decided that it does take a bit more time to do the black or dark gray emphasis around the eyes and noses.  Hence, I do not plan to print the brown ink version if I do any subsequent printings.  There are only 2 of those kits left, so if that's something you really want better jump on it fast.  

My sister just sent me this photo tonight of one of the cats that she did on the brown ink panel.  Isn't it cute?  I really love what she did with the cat's body.  There are so many possibilities!

Cheryl's Cat.jpg