Quilter's Hall of Fame Nomination for Gwen Marston

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My friend, Pam Beal, is a quilter in Michigan. She has started a campaign to get Gwen Marston honored in the Quilter’s Hall of Fame. Since Pam just found out about the process last week and the people who decide on this are meeting this week, we are coming in just under the wire. If it doesn’t work this time, we will keep up the campaign for future years. 

Pam has already submitted the official form for the nomination. As of now, it would be great to get lots of emails sent in with recommendations for Gwen. Please send a short email today or sometime this week, if you are inspired to help. The address is: quiltershalloffame@sbcglobal.net. It doesn’t need to be long, just a few sentences would be great. Thanks!